Scania 1900397 D1R 35W Pk32d-3 Xenon HID Bulb

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  • What's Included: 1 Bulb
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Manufacturer: Osram
  • Osram part number 66150
  • Scania oem part number 1900397
  • Socket: PK32d-3 D1R
  • Voltage 24V
  • Placements: Left or Right side

Scania 1900397 D1R 35W Pk32d-3 Xenon HID Bulb

Genuine original Osram D1R 66150 35W 12V 24V Xenarc HID Xenon Headlamp replacement bulb

Osram is supplier of hid bulbs for scania, that means they produce D1R 35W bulbs and supply scania for them.

When it comes to buying products for your vehicle, investing in the very best quality is of fundamental importance. High-quality accessories such as Osram D1R Bulbs are not only bright, efficient, and built to last, but they also offer the reliability you’d expect from a well-known brand and the safety you demand when taking to the road in dark or adverse conditions.

Standard Osram Xenarc electronic is one of the best-known manufacturers of automotive lighting products in the world, so buying an Osram original Xenarc electronic D1R 35w 24V bulb means you can have the utmost faith in its quality and performance. Not only will Osram Xenarc D1R kind help illuminate the road with ease (allowing you to drive with clarity even in the harshest of weather conditions), but they’ll ensure you are seen by other drivers which will, in turn, keep you as safe as possible on the road.

With a one-year warranty and an average lifetime of 1900 hours, Osram D1R 66150 35W Xenarc Bulbs are the perfect replacement for other well-known products from the likes of Philips and Narva. Compatible with D1R Gas Discharge Tube sockets, they offer plug and play simplicity and, with a light rating of 3200 lumens, are some of the brightest bulbs on the market today.

E-marked, road safe, and compatible with a number of vehicle makes and models, the Osram D1R PK32d-3 Xenarc headlight bulb is ready to go. Upgrade today and invest in a fantastic new lighting solution that will enhance safety and performance significantly.

Osram 5 digit code for example 66150 or 66154 etc, on the sticker doesn't matter at all, it will fit and work perfectly with any part number.

The best colour option is 4300K, 6000K is never recommended due to less visability.

The most common Scania warning messages

  • Headlamp fault
  • Main Headlamp
  • Headlamp malfunction

Scania oem part number:

  • 1900397

Osram part numbers:

  • 66154
  • 66052
  • 66152
  • 66156

Philips XenStart part numbers:

  • 9285 142 294
  • 9285142294
  • 85409C1
  • 9285 108 294
  • 9285108294
  • 8897814
  • 9285 140 294
  • 9285140294
  • 9285 141 294
  • 9285141294
  • 9285 168 294S
  • 9285168294S

Specifications & Features

  • Used in the reflector headlights
  • Genuine Osram bulb
  • Lumen: 3200 Lumens +/- 10%
  • Colour temperature: 4300K OEM Standard
  • Socket: PK32d-3 D1R
  • Wattage: 35 W
  • Direct Replacement, Plug and Play
  • E-Marked, 100% Road Legal
  • Average liftetime: 2500 hours

Compatibility list:

  • Scania R series Trucks Lorry HGV
  • R310 R420 R440 R450 R480 R490 R500 R560 R580 R620 R650
  • 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
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