H7 HID Kits

H7 HID Conversion Kit UK

H7 HID conversion kit is the perfect option you can opt to make this replacement. HID conversion kit allows you to easily convert your existing H7 headlight bulbs with Xenon lights and you will get an optimal style of Xenon HID.

This H7 HID upgrade kit is based on “plug & play” slim and compact design and ensures easy and simple installation on cars, motorcycles and motorbikes.  H7 hid kit is premium-HID kit and allows it to last 5-10x longer and consume 35% less power those factory halogen bulbs.

Colour range of H7 HID Kit Bulbs

These H7 HID bulbs are filled with Xenon gas which makes them 3 times brighter than old OEM lights and dds a stylish look to your vehicle. You can select from a color range available at different temperatures. The most popular colors are available with us which includes:

  • 5000K - Pure White colour
  • 6000K - Cool White
  • 8000K - Aqua Blue

Emission of white light is pleasant to look at and once fitted they improve the visibility; close to the daylight.  

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