LEAR headlight parts for your vehicle such as:

  • LED Modules
  • AFS AHL Modules
  • Xenon Light Ballasts
  • Xenon Light Modules
  • Headlight Cornering Modules

BMW LEAR TMS Headlight Driver module ballast is like a brain to the headlamp unit, as it is responsible for many different functions on it.

TMS headlight modules are used on various BMW vehicles like F10, F11, F07 GT, F18, F30, F31, F34 GT, F35, F01, F02, F20, F21, F23 X3, F10 Facelift LCI, F11 Facelift LCI, F25 X3 Facelift LCI, F26 X4 and many other.

How to identify when you need to replace LEAR TMS part? Below are few examples of malfunctions, which may occur, when unit fails.

If you are experiencing malfunction problems such error with red headlight icon, headlamp warning light malfunction error, adaptive headlight error, vertical aim isn't working properly, eye brow isn't working, LED Angel eyes (Halo Rings) Daytime Driving lights aren't working, both rings at the same time or they are flickering and the last issue could be front turn signal lights indicators aren't working it means you need to replace BMW LEAR TMS headlight driver module ballast.

There is no need to buy brand new headlight housing, just replace BMW driver module and it will solve all of these malfunction problems.

If you aren't able to find the right part, just contact us and we will help you.

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