8982313911 5WK96731A NOx sensor

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  • What's Included: 1 NOx Sensor
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Manufacturer: Xenons4U
  • Isuzu part numbers: 8982313911
  • Continental part number: 5WK96731A

8982313911 5WK96731A 24V NOX Sensor

8982313911 Nitrogen Oxide sensor is direct replacement to faulty isuzu or continental brand part.

Continental 5WK96731A sensor is factory fitted to many different Isuzu commercial vans trucks with diesel engine.

It is always recommended to fix this issue as soon as possible to avoid any damages to DPF filter and DEF system, otherwise diesel particulate matter or soot can clog filter and it will cost you thousands to fix.

NOX stands for Nitrogen Oxides.

The most common diagnostic trouble codes dtc

  • P20EE Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF System NOx Trap Low Efficiency
  • P2201 NOx sensor circuit range/performance bank 1
  • P20C9 Reductant control module requested MIL illumination

Isuzu part numbers

  • 89823 13911
  • 8982313911

Continental part number

  • 5WK96731A

GM part number

  • 98231391
  • 98302394
  • 47866868

Compatibility list

  • Isuzu NPR NQR NRR
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