A0009059603 A2C12547900-081G NOX Sensor

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  • What's Included: 1 NOX Sensor
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Manufacturer: XENONS4U
  • Mercedes Benz part numbers: A0009059603
  • Continental part number: A2C12547900-081G

XENONS4U A0009059603 A2C12547900-081G NOX sensor

If you have did on-board computer scan and your car is showing these error codes P229F62 bank1 and or P2202 bank 2, it means that's NOX sensor has failed.

NOX stands for Nitrogen Oxide.

NOX sensor NS 0004 ZGS 002 Q 04 also is called oxygen sensor or lambda sensor.

Sensor is fitted to Mercedes-Benz cars with DPF filter.

Error cleaning may be required, but just once after fitting new NOX sensor, it can be done by yourself, no need to visit Mercedes Benz dealer and spend a fortune.

A2C12547900-081G Sensor fits many different Mercedes-Benz vehicles W204 S204 W212 S212 A207 C207 W251 W218 and so on.

Replacement sensor will save you a fortune and you will comply with enviromental laws again.

NOX sensor errors to identify faulty part:

  • U029E00 Lost communication with NOX sensor B
  • U029E Lost communication with NOX sensor B
  • U029D00 Lost communication with NOX sensor A
  • U029D Lost communication with NOX sensor A
  • P229E nox sensor bank 1 sensor 2 short to ground
  • P229F box sensor bank 1 sensor 2 implausible signal
  • P1C7D-00 P1C7D00 The remaining driving distance without speed limitation is limited due to a malfunction in the exhaust
    aftertreament system. There is general failure
  • P13F6-00 P13F600 The engine cannot be started because the exhaust aftertreatment system has been tampered with.
    There is a general failure
  • P204F-96 P204F96 The AdBlue system (cylinder bank 1) has a malfunction. There is an internal component fault
  • P13DF-00 P13DF00 The AdBlue system has a malfunction. There is a general failure
  • P13DF00 The AdBlue system has a malfunction

Mercedes-Benz part numbers:

  • A0009059603
  • 0009059603
  • 000-905-96-03

Continental part number:

  • A2C12547900-081G
  • A2C12547900081G

More compatible part numbers

  • A0009050008
  • A0009052709
  • A0009058411

Mercedes Benz compatibility list:

  • CLS Class W218
  • C Class W204 S204 C204
  • C Class: C180, C200, C250, C300, C350, C400 C45 AMG, C63 AMG, C220, C220d
  • E Class W212 S212 A207 C207
  • E Class: E200, E250, E300, E350, E400, E500, E63 AMG, E220, CDI, CGI
  • R Class W251
  • V Class W447 Viano 2.2 CDI
  • SLK R172
  • S class W222
  • GLC C253 Coupe 2.1 diesel GLC220d BlueTEC
  • GLC X253 Hatchback

Please note: This list is not full, NOX sensor may fit other car models as well, please check provided part numbers, pictures and compare to your old parts.

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