A1664710775 F01C600244 F01C410066 Adblue Heater tank

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  • What's Included: 1 AdBlue heater repair kit
  • Condition: New
  • Manufacturer: LUMRO
  • Replacement part
  • Mercedes Benz part number: A1664710775
  • Bosch part number: F01C600244
  • Warranty: 1 Year

A1664710775 F01C600244 Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF Adblue Pre-Heater.

A166 471 07 75 Adblue heater repair kit is factory fitted on Mercedes-Benz ML250 and ML350 cars.

Heater replaces old faulty bosch F-01C-600-244 and mercedes benz A1664710775 part numbers.

If you are getting management light indicator (MIL) did scan for error codes and it points to NOx sensor heater circuit problems or any other malfunction related to the heater it means that it has failed.

AdBlue heater is used in the emission reduction system and it is very important to fix as soon as possible to prevent any damage to other parts in the SCR.

F01C600241 DEF heater is located in the trunk near adblue tank.

Repair kit includes all the parts you need, just remove all part and put back brand new heater.

Direct replacement and no coding is required.

Bosch part number F01C600244 and F01C410066 are compatible and exchangable with each other.

Mercedes Benz DTC diagnostic trouble codes:

  • 20BD1B Output for heating element AdBlue tank has electrical fault
  • 20BE1B The output for the heating element of the AdBlue tank is faulty
  • 205B98 205B-98 The AdBlue tank temperature sensor is faulty
  • 205C16 The AdBlue tank temperature sensor has a short circuit to ground
  • P13E4 The remaining driving distance is limited due to malfunction in Adblue system. There is A general failure
  • P2BA9 NOx exceedence - insufficient reagent quality
  • P13E4 Please refer to vehicle service manual
  • P2BA8 NOx exceedence - interruption of Reagent Dosing Activity
  • P205C Reductant Tank Temperature Sensor Circuit Low
  • P205B Reductant Tank Temperature Sensor Circuit Range/Performance

Mercedes-Benz part numbers

  • A1664710775
  • 166-471-07-75

Bosch part number:

  • F01C600244
  • F-01C-600-244
  • F 01C 600 244

More compatible bosch part numbers:

  • F01C410066
  • F-01C-410-066

More compatible part numbers:

  • 166-470-72-01
  • A1644711275
  • A1664710275

Compatible Mercedes-Benz cars:

  • ML W166 SUV ML250 ML350 BlueTEC 4Matic
  • 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

Please note: this list is not full, sensor may fit other car models as well.

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