AUDI Q5 SQ5 8R PRE-FACELIFT Left Right Side light / daytime running light warning message

Enthusiasts who are always looking for great motoring experience are usually found exploring and investigating latest technological features and to address the keenness of their users, most of the vehicle companies commit themselves to provide every possible tech-savvy feature in upcoming models. Audi users must have known that the cars have been advanced greatly in the recent years. But advancement in technology may result in some new problems or issues related to the new features added to pre-face lift cars. Models of Audi introduced in 2008 till 2012, are called pre-face lift models if the face lifting of some features such as headlights, bumper, hood, grill, wings, rear or front lights is not done. All the models after 2012 underwent some advancement. In 2012, the Q5 got a minor facelift which was dominated by a more distinctive face through new LED daytime running lights.

Although the feature was added to provide additional safety to the users of Audi which was previously available to the high-end vehicles only such as Audi Q5 range, we cannot suppose it to work life long without needing any replacement of original component. These daytime running lights are commonly pronounced as DRLs and now come as a standard from budgeted hatchbacks to luxury cars as a part of an already existing headlight cluster and function in the same way. 

Why DRLs?

At night there are headlights and tail lights that are illuminated and make it easy for other drivers to spot you. However, during the day, most drivers turn their lights off and it's not as easy to spot other vehicles quickly. DRLs are located at the front of your vehicle and produce a bright light to make it easy for other drivers and pedestrians to spot you on the road.  Main objective of DRLS is to make your car more visible to the other drivers on the road during the day time by its bright light.

Day time running lights have proved to be three times more effective at reducing accidents and add not only a safety feature but also a style to the car.

How DRLs work?

Being a part of headlight cluster, function of DRLs is controlled by headlight control module. DRLs are LED lights exist as a low beam bulb in headlight assembly and ideally should automatically turns ON with the headlights and remains lit up as long as the engine is powered ON. Another function which is very common with Audi Q5 DRLs is they start to blink when the indicators are activated to alert other drivers for a turn signal. 

Since the function of DRLs is closely connected with headlight control module so as long as the control module is working fine DRLs are supposed to work perfect but if something happens to the module, DRLs may also start flickering or completely stop working. Therefore, we can assume that the reasons causing failure to control module hold true for the failure of DRLs as well.

What could be the reasons for failure? – Ranging from a defect due to life completion of a component to a blown fuse, relay or lear ballast unit, issues could arise due to moisture from water, snow or fog or may be a car accident.

In majority of cases, it is the headlight control module which has failed and caused the DRLs to stop working. When DRLs malfunction, you typically receive a warning message “Check left right day time running lights” indicating that either right or left side of the DRL is not working properly and needs an immediate fix.

The most common warning messages for faulty LED diode module:

  • Left right Side light / Daytime Running Light
  • Left right Sidelight / Daytime Running Light

Below are some diagnostic codes to identify faulty Led Module in Audi Q5

Diagnostic trouble codes DTC for faulty LED module:

  • 02895 - Supply Voltage for LED Module for DRL and Parking Light; Left
  • 012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit
  • 02897 - Supply Voltage for LED Module for DRL and Parking Light; Right
  • 012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit
  • Supply Voltage for LED module for DRL and Parking light Left Right Electrical problem in Circuit

Control module is an easily replaceable component therefore a known fix to Audi Q5 DRLs is the replacement of Koito LED control unit. It is necessary to replace this component otherwise it may cause harm to other components.  Below are common LED control unit modules that are compatible with all pre-face lift models of Audi. 


8R0907472A Xenon LED Headlight DRL Control Unit Module For Audi Q5



Compatible Audi cars:

  • Q5 SQ5 8R Pre-Facelift SUV 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • 2.0 TFSI, 3.2 FSI, 2.0 TDI, 3.0 TDI Quattro

Fixing this issue with replacing LED control unit module may be an easy option but replacing this component may not be so you can take your car to any certified technician for this replacement.

Xenons4u provides not only satisfactory replacement services but also all components including LED control unit modules for all pre-face lift Audi models.