Dashboard on your fiat cars will show different messages when there will be any issue with the car’s electronic parts but what does it mean if the daytime running lamp light indicator comes on in the dash?

Daytime running lights (DRLs) are basically an automatic system that turn on when the vehicle is ignited to turn on and in motion. The DRL indicator light means that DRLs are ON and properly functioning and ideally they should go OFF when the headlights of the car are turned ON. The purpose of DRLs is to ensure safety and improving glare by making the car more visible on the road during daylight hours and to alert other drivers if they are in their blind spot. In all newer cars made after 2010, DRLs are factory fitted on the bottom of the front bumper or retrofitted in older cars integrated in the headlight unit depending on the car’s specification and model.

The running lights are not the same as automatic headlights that turn on in dim lighting conditions, and typically DRL’s cannot be overridden. DRLs are the low beam lights and usually these lights will run at a lower power setting than when your headlights are on for night driving. The DRL’s are controlled by the daytime running lamp module that receives a signal from the ignition to turn the running lights on when the vehicle is started. If the module short circuits internally the running lights may stay on indefinitely even with the ignition off, or they may not come on at all. If the wiring corrodes or breaks, the daytime running lights may not operate or operate intermittently.

Fiat 500 500C 500X Check Running Lights Warning Message

If car uses halogen headlamps and halogen bulbs for w21/5w 12v 7443 580 sidelights and DRL when it uses only bulb holder and bulb itself, no ballast or control unit.

Normally, an indicator light illuminates to indicate a problem, but if there is a problem with the DRL system, indicator light will not illuminate but a warning message might appear on your dashboard asking you to check left right daytime running lights / sidelights, it means that headlights have malfunctioning component or bulb.

In addition to Fiat cars, this warning message is common to many other vehicles including Audi Skoda VW Volkswagen Seat Porsche BMW Ford Vauxhall Opel GMC Cadillac Citroen Peugeot Mercedes-Benz and many other.

Symptoms of problematic DRLs

You could notice some symptoms that may be present if there is a problem with the Fiat’s 500 500C or 500X daytime running lights system and you may need to replace the DRL Sidelight bulbs with oem part number 71753190.

  • Running lights don’t illuminate while driving during the daytime.
  • The DRL indicator light is ON, but the actual DRL are not working properly.
  • Running lights are working properly during the operation of the vehicle, but do not turn off after the ignition is turned off.


There is no preventative maintenance or inspection you can perform on the DRL lights of any car including Fiat cars. These are expected to last specific lifetime for example 600, 800 or 1000 hours etc, depends on the bulb’s manufacturer, however, it is an electrical component (usually a Toshiba or Osram 12V21/5W DRL bulb) that can potentially quit operating. If it does fail, you will need to have it replaced.

But to identify the root cause of failure, you could attempt to check a few things more.

  • A burned out bulb might be the most common reason for the malfunction of DRLs, just check for a faulty halogen bulb by pulling it off and replace it if burned.
  • Check the bulb for wire and fuse – Bulbs have a shared function with other lights so it is very rare that both headlamps or all the lights malfunction at a time, usually its one side per time, so check the bulb with other lights as well as for the fuses and wires for their good connections.
  • If the car has LED DRLs integrated into headlamp unit, you can inspect LED diode with heatsink and or ballast module since both parts might fail as well, check them by simply changing the sides before replacing and buying new one. If module is fine, then LED diode insert module should be checked for LED light source.

Replacement is the solution

This way you may find the reason for DRLs failure but in either case, the only solution is to purchase new parts and replace the old faulty ones.

In case, you are experiencing a check daytime running lights warning message on your Fiat car, you should look for the replacement of parts either for a DIY installation or taking your car to the certified technician.

Where to get new parts and help to choose correct parts?

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