Headlights on a vehicle are an essential part and contribute to a safe drive. This is why it is illegal in many cases to drive the vehicle if headlights are not in working condition. Problems for light systems can range from a simple blown out bulb to something really complicated such as faulty socket. Irrespective of what is the reason for failure, lights that are not functioning can lead to dangerous driving conditions and penalties therefore it is necessary that the lighting system be checked and repaired without any delay. 

Infiniti Headlight System Error See owner’s Manual warning message explained

When the headlights system encounters a problem, a warning message is displayed on the dashboard indicating an error with the headlight system which is usually the DRLs and asking you to respond immediately. 

How does the headlight system work in Infiniti?

More or less, the headlight system of all vehicles are identical and work in a similar way that is to lighten up the road ahead in darker situations.  These headlights could be halogen bulbs or LED DRLs. Headlight housing in a common halogen lighting system is where a halogen bulb sits. DRLs can work as a headlight in most of the cars. Headlights are powered by the vehicle’s electrical system and can be toggled with a high and low beam. 

What are the possible reasons for the failure of the headlights system?

Reasons that could cause headlight warning message to pop up on your dashboard may include:

Bad Bulb: Just like any other bulb or light, the headlight bulb’s life varies depending on what type of bulb the vehicle is using, so it may burn out after a certain time and need to be replaced. Therefore, in most cases of headlight failure, replacing the bulb should be the first thing to do.

Blown Fuse: Electrical system which is responsible to run the headlight system incorporates fuses. When any of them is blown out, headlights will simply not work.  A tell tale sign for this reason is your inability to switch between high and low beams. If you can’t switch then a fuse could very well be the problem. 

Bad Relay: In the case when both headlights do not work, headlight relay is one of the most common causes. Headlight relay is a part of the electrical system and if it is malfunctioned the light will not get power to illuminate and the relay will have to be replaced. 

Bad Headlight Switch: The headlight switch is used to turn on lights and if it is not working properly it means you cannot turn the headlights on the car. It is required that you replace the headlight switch immediately to avoid any dangerous driving conditions.

Faulty socket: the socket where the headlight bulb sits can be contaminated and dirty hampering the bulb from making the contact it needs to light. In this case, the most common symptom would be one headlight not working. 

Moisture in headlight: if the headlights are turned on but not illuminating the road ahead there could be moisture in the housing. Moisture can cause fogging inside the light and diminishes its performance. 

Bad Dimmer Switch: The dimmer switch allows the driver to switch between high and low beams. If the switch is malfunctioning the headlights can become stuck on high or low. Low headlights can still be tolerable but the high headlights can be dangerous for on-coming drivers therefore the problem should be fixed as soon as possible. 

How to fix this warning message?

If you don’t mind investing in your car, then simply replacing the faulty headlamp unit with a new one should ideally fix this error but if you want to save your dollars you can try a hack and trick canbus wires to fix it. 

As mentioned above, this error is usually caused due to burnt out LED lights of DRLs. When any of these tiny bulbs burn out, it is going to send this code on your dashboard and you will need to replace the entire headlight unit even though headlight works fine but here is a trick by which you can bypass this error to get rid of it. 

Hack to fix this error

You need to remove the main plug that goes to the headlight and you will find a bunch of wires in which black wire and yellow wire is a cam box. Just take a jumper wire and shorten these two pins. Make a little u clip and shorten both of these pins. By doing this we just bypass the resistance of those LED DRLs. Once these pins are shortened and the jumper wire is plugged in it, the computer will be fooled and ideally the issue should get resolved.

Now to check if this hack worked, start the vehicle, turn on the headlights, and check if a message appears. Hopefully you won’t find it there anymore. 

If you do not become successful in this hack, you’ll have to replace the DRLs or the whole headlight unit. You can either take your vehicle to the dealer for this replacement or could just bypass by shortening canbus two wires.