Mercedes Benz is a Germany-based luxurious automotive company. Their brand name has been flourishing for 120 years, and it does not need any introduction. They have a promise of luxury, comfort, and performance. Their Mercedes Benz EQC is another example of it. 

The first Electric Mercedes Benz - EQC

This is the first Mercedes that solely runs on electricity. Since it is a luxury car as well, the priorities are different from other electric vehicles in the market.

The miles EQC offers are competitive for the market, and very promising as well.

Since EQC is their first go at the latest electric vehicles, even better versions are expected to be released in the future.

The new EV has become a fresh part of increasing competition. Electric Vehicles are not the ‘now’ yet, but it is very crystal clear that it is the ‘future’ and it is happening. First, there were mainly a few brands like Tesla and Audi focusing on it, but with the German Automakers in the race, it is clear that it can also be done with luxury and comfort as a priority.


Let's dive in and see how Mercedes has taken a direction at it. Check out its specifications.

Sleek Outer Body

To start with, the outer body of the car simply looks elegant. The curves and turns of the car seem a bit questionable at first as they seem ordinary, but the main deal is about how they assist the car to run and accelerate smoothly against the wind.

It has the body type of an SUV - a Sports Utility Vehicle with 5 doors. To be honest it seems like a bold but smart choice. It proves its usability more than just showing off specifications. It is available in five colors; Polar White, Obsidian Black, Lunar Blue, Graphite Gray, and Cirrus Silver. It may not have LED lights, but it has LED DRLs - Daytime Running Lamps and Fog Lights.

To talk about the space and comfort, it is 4762 mm in length and 2096 mm in width. It is a little less than a Jaguar I Pace and more than Audi E Tron. With these dimensions in consideration, four adults can fully stretch and relax in the car and be fresh at the end of a long drive.

It has 500 liters of the boot. It is comparatively lesser than that of Audi E Tron and Jaguar I Pace, but you can always flat fold the seats and increase it just in case. Otherwise, it has more than enough space for regular rides.

Even though it is heavy, it gives a quiet, smooth ride with the capability to absorb shock. It weighs two tons, it may be surprising for the ones who do not use Electric Vehicles. But other Electric Vehicles in competition such as Audi E Tron have more or similar weight, which makes it quite adjustable. 

Most companies when made their first Electric Vehicles, they roared their way onto the roads. Quite literally. Here Benz deserves appreciation that their first car came in quietly and let its performance make the noise for it. When you ride in the SUV you will have a serene and disturbance-free ride since the car absorbs shock on the highway fairly as well.

Inner Body

With the seating capacity of to seat 5 people comfortably, the interior is plush and comfortable as expected and promised. It is like most standard Mercedes Benz vehicles, therefore it seems familiar but there is assurance that the quality is impeccable.

The well-adjusted seats make the car easier to drive and ride, which is an advantage over Jaguar I Pace. The comfort is undoubtedly more than its rivals, but the Audi E Tron offers a tad more space. The seats, steering wheel, and gear set are covered in leather. The seats are adjustable and ventilated with more than average leg and space room available.

It has an air conditioner and heater. While you enjoy your weather inside, you can also stay aware of the temperature outside. The ECO Assist system helps maintain maximum efficiency. Along with this, there are both odometer and trip meter.

To increase efficiency, it also has a dual play of 12.3 inches that also works as infotainment. It can be used in two ways, either by using the big screen mounted between the two seats or to use the buttons on the steering wheel that makes it way more convenient and safe to operate while driving.  A little vibration after a tap on the screen indicates that the instruction has been received, which is helpful while driving. There is an e - personal assistant available which can be activated by saying ‘hey Mercedes.’ You can talk to it and give voice commands for simple tasks in English related to the temperature of the car. A little lacking on the behalf of this system is that the users cannot connect their phones to the system, this feature would have given a tougher competition and more facilitation.

As tested by certain standards it is one of the safest options for kids as well as adults. According to the Euro NCAP, it was rated the safest for Adult and Child Occupants. Like any good and safe vehicle, it includes automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, and lane-keeping assistance. The Mercedes Benz is known for how it helps the ride stress-free by automatically assisting in acceleration and lanes. 

An electric motor each at the front axle and rear axle converts electrical into mechanical electricity and delivers marvelous ahead thrust. The running strategy of the powertrain components usually resources the strength anyplace it's asked for.

The battery type is Lithium-Ion with a capacity of 80kWh,384 cells in 6 modules, and 652 kgs. The excessive-voltage battery is the centerpiece of the new Mercedes-Benz EQC. thanks to its extremely excessive electricity density, it saves power for the two electric power gadgets at the front and rear axle. The battery is established in the car ground. The fuel type is, of course, electric - with fast charging available. The Power consumption is 20.8 - 19.7 kWh / 100km.

It allows a range of 200 miles in one single charge. It takes around 5 seconds to go from 0 mph to 60 mph with the help of a 760 Nm of torque. It has 402 Horsepower.

The motor consists of two asynchronous three-phase AC motors, one each at the front and rear axle. The range of the miles per charge and the pick-up may be a bit less compared to the Audi E Tron and Jaguar I Pace, but it is not necessary that everyone is crazy to race the second they sit in the car. Also luxury comes with grace.

The limited warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles. Powertrain warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles. Hybrid components are covered for 8 years or 100,000 miles. No complimentary scheduled maintenance.

What could be better?

The EQC does not stand strong when it comes to the range of miles, 200 miles is less on a single charge.

Given Benz’s promise of comfort, it has more room comparatively but it could do better on boots. The entertainment center offers plenty of space to use it, but it is a little limited.


On an ending note, it should be made clear that the EQC is the first electric vehicle by Mercedes Benz. With all due consideration, it is safe to say that they have done a great job at the body and intelligence of the car, and they can improve on the miles.  Believe me, we will see wonders in the future.