7258278 7267045 7304906 TMS HAL Headlight Driver Module

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  • What's Included: 1 Module
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • BMW part numbers: 7258278 7304906 7267045
  • LEAR part numbers: 535051807 535051806
  • Placements: Left or Right side

7258278 7267045 7304906 63117304906 TMS Headlight Driver Module

BMW 63117304906 LEAR TMS HAL ballast unit is factory fitted on BMW 5 Series F10 F11 F07 GT Pre-Facelift with halogen headlamps.

535051806 TMS Driver Module is used on BMW F10, F11 Pre-Facelift (2010-2013) and F07 Gran Tursimo (GT) Pre-Facelit with Halogen Headlights and H7 halogen bulbs for main beam.

To find out if your headlight unit is halogen is very easy - just open a bonnet and check white sticker located on the top of each headlamp it must have writing "H7 PY24W LED".

63117304906 TMS ballast is used with halogen light headlamps and fits petrol or either diesel bmw.

Below we have described few common malfunctions, which are experienced when tms module fails.

Before changing bmw 7258278 control unit part we always recommend to double check if all fuses are in working order.

LEAR 535051807 TMS ballast also known as headlight module is responsible for controlling vertical aim on 5 Series BMW vehicles, if your headlamp's vertical aim isn't working anymore and you see headlight vertical aim failure error on the dashboard, you will need to replace headlight module.

Additionally if you are getting malfunctions like both parking lights sidelights Angel Eyes also known as Daytime Driving Lights don't work at all or flickering and or if front turn signal indicators don't work at all, you will need to replace headlight driver module.

There is no need to buy brand new headlight housing as BMW dealer suggests.

The most common diagnostics trouble codes DTC or error codes of faulty TMS module is side/daytime lights fault and headlight vertical aim control failure, if you see these two codes or either one of them it is definitely that lear ballast is faulty.

7267045 ballast doesn't require any coding, just unscrew 2 bolts pull out TMS and do all the steps backwards.

Please double check provided BMW part numbers to make sure it is correct part for your car.

Each headlight uses one piece HAL module.

If you are not sure about fitment to your BMW, please contact our customer support for help.

Below you will find Hella and BMW part numbers where 63117304906 TMS module fits.

The most common diagnostic trouble codes DTCs

  • 800FC3 Initialization fault in left headlamp driver module
  • 800FC2 Initialization fault in right headlamp driver module
  • 800FC3 Initialisation fault in headlight driver module left
  • 800FC2 Initialisation fault in headlight driver module right
  • 800FC7 Internal fault in STML (Left hand headlamp driver module)
  • 800FC8 Internal fault in STML (Right hand headlamp driver module)
  • 800FC7 lin bus, headlight driver module (TMS) right, communication fault
  • 800FC8 Lin Bus Headlight driver module (TMS), Left: communication fault
  • 800FC9 Lin Bus headlight driver module (TMS), right: communication fault
  • 800F86 Daytime Driving Light / Side Light, left, faulty
  • 800F87 Daytime Driving Light / Side Light, right, faulty
  • 800F88 Output daytime driving light / side light, left, short-circuited
  • 800F89 Output daytime driving light / side light, right, short-circuited
  • 800FCB Headlight driver module (TMS), left, faulty
  • 800FCE Headlight driver module (TMS), right, faulty
  • 800FC0 LWR fault in headlight driver module, right
  • 800FC1 LWR fault in headlight driver module, right
  • 800FC5 Environment Fault in Headlight Driver Module, Left (over or Under voltage, over temperature)
  • 800FC5 Ambient errors in the left headlamp driver module (over / under voltage, over temperature)
  • 800F40 Direction Indicator, Front Left, Faulty
  • 800FD0 Design/Side Marker Light, Left, Faulty
  • 8041F4 Headlight Driver Module (TMS) Left Daytime Driving Lights or Position Light, Left has Short Circuited
  • 8041F4 Left headlight engine control unit module (TMS): Daytime running light or side light has a short circuit
  • 804201 Right headlight engine control unit module (TMS): Daytime running light or side light has a short circuit

The most common BMW warning messages

  • Side/Daytime lights fault
  • Parking/Daytime Lights
  • Daytime/parking lamp malfunction
  • Left turn signal malfunction
  • Right turn signal malfunction
  • Turn indicator front left failure
  • Turn indicator front right failure
  • Adaptive headlights failure
  • Headlight Vertical Aim Control Failure
  • Side/Daytime Lights on left fault!
  • Side/Daytime Lights on right fault!
  • Side/daytime lights
  • Side and daytime driving lights on left failed.
  • Side and daytime driving lights on right failed
  • Have the problem checked by the nearest BMW service
  • Stand-/Tagfahrlicht links ausgefallen!
  • Stand-/Tagfahrlicht rechts ausgefallen!
  • Stand-/Tagfahrlicht defekt
  • Standlicht und Tagfahrlicht defekt

Compatible BMW part numbers:

  • 7258278 01 725827801
  • 7258278 02 725827802
  • 7267045  63117267045
  • 7304906  63117304906
  • B63.11.7.304.906
  • B63117304906

LEAR part numbers

  • 535051807
  • 535051807 01 53505180701
  • 535051807 00 53505180700
  • 535051806
  • 5350518A7 01 5350518A701

Compatible Hella headlamps

  • 1LL010131-03/AJ 7203241-09
  • 1LL010131-03/AL 7203241-11
  • 1LL010131-03/AN 7203241-12
  • 1LL010131-041 63117203242 7203242
  • 1LL010131-031 63117203241 7203241
  • 1EL010131-05/AI 7203243-08

Compatible BMW cars:

  • 5 Series F10 Pre-Facelift SE Sedan Saloon 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
  • 5 Series F11 Pre-Facelift Touring Estate 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
  • 5 Series F07 GT Gran Turismo Pre-Facelift 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
  • 520i 523i 528i 528xi 530i 535i 550i petrol gasoline
  • 520d 525d 530d 535d M-Sport diesel
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