Bosch 0444025017 A0004901113 Adblue Urea Injector Nozzle

  • What's Included: 1 Reduction agent
  • Condition: New
  • Other name: Urea Injection dosing module
  • Genuine Bosch part
  • Mercedes-Benz part number: A0004901113
  • Bosch part number: 0444025017
  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Used for AdBlue urea system
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Bosch 0444025017 A0004901113 Adblue Urea Injector Nozzle reduction agent.

A0004901113 injector for reduction agent adblue is factory fitted to all new Mercedes-Benz cars with EURO6 specification to meet very strict enviromental polution laws.

Adblue nozzle valve is fitted before catalytic converter and when you are driving all NOx (nitrogen oxdes) go threw the diesel particulate filter in short DPF and once they arrive to DPF bosch 0444025017 nozzle injects a certain amount of adblue urea to destroy these nitrogen oxides.

Adblue urea also known as carbomide is now used for all diesel Mercedes-Benz cars to comply enviromental laws, ofcourse hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) don't need it for obvious reason.

What happens when adblue urea nozzle injects liquid? It simply does chemical reaction in order to convert Nitrogen Oxide in short NOx into one compound nitrogen, water and very tiny amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Below you will find a list of bosch and audi vw audi and vag part numbers, which are compatible with adblue urea reduction agent.

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Mercedes-Benz part numbers:

  • A0004901113
  • 000-490-11-13

Bosch part numbers:

  • 0 444 025 017
  • 0444025017

Compatible Mercedes-Benz cars:

  • C class W205 S205 A205 C205 BlueTEC
  • E class W213 S213 A238 C238 W238
  • GLC class W253 C253 Coupe X253 Hatchback

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