D3S D3R Xenon HID replacement Ballast

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Brand new replacement ballast for car with Canbus D3S or D3R Xenon systems. To change old faulty OEM ballast or, D3 type xenon kit ballast. These Ballasts will not burn your bulb, or stop working in couple months, it’s made with the highest materials and best technology, comes with one year warranty.   




  • V-in: 9V-32V
  • V norm: 13.2V
  • I norm: 3.2A
  • I in max: 5.5A
  • P out 35 W norm
  • T case -40c - 105c



  • High/Low Temperature Tested
  • IEC68-2-6 Tremor Tested
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Mid Slim Shock Proof Ballast
  • Strong Canbus Function, that's mean No Error messages
  • No Light Shutdown / Flickering
  • EN60529 Waterproof & Dustproof Tested
  • DIN Tested
  • IEC Anti-impulse Tested
  • Instant high/low voltage Tested
  • 10,000 time/one minute open circuit Tested
  • EMC CISPR22 guard against Hertzian waves


Warranty: 12 months.

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