5DV008290-00 Xenon HID Ballast Cable

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  • What's Included: 1 Cable
  • Condition: New
  • Fits: Hella 5DV 008 290-00 Xenon Ballast
  • Used with: Hella 5DD 008319-10 and 008319-50 igniters
  • We also stock 5DV008290-00 ballasts for sale
  • Placements: Left or Right side
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Hella 5DV 008 290-00 Xenon HID Ballast Control Unit power and bulb holder cable.

5DV008290-00 cable comes with HID D2S D2R bulb igniter connector and power wire to ignite hella ballast and bulb holder.

It has two functions power cable and bulb holder connector.

If your old cable is damaged, this is perfect replacement for it.

One end of the cable connects to the car and other end has connector used for bulb holder.

Hella 5DV008290-00 ballasts are used with Hella 5DD 008 319-50 5DD008319-50 or 008 319-10 5DD008319-10 bulb igniters, which use D2S or D2R socket HID bulb.

In addition you can use this cable for 24V GDL-ballast unit with 5DV008765-00 or 5DV008764-00 part numbers.

Our cable fits original Hella 00829000 control unit or replica (copy) ballasts as well.

Hella part numbers:

  • 155237-00
  • 155238-00
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