Hella Standard D2S 8GS007949-261 85V 35W 4300K Xenon HID Bulb

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  • What's Included: 1 Bulb
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Manufacturer: Hella
  • Hella part number 8GS007949-261
  • Socket: P32d-2 D2S
  • Voltage 12V 24V
  • Work light lamp
  • Placements: Left or Right side

Genuine Original Hella Standard D2S 8GS007949-261 85V 35W 4300K Xenon HID Bulb

Hella D2S 8GS007949-261 bulbs are compatible with auxiliary work light lamps, cars, bikes, motorcycles and trucks.

HID bulb supports 12V and 24V, so it will any application.

Hella D2S 35W 24V gas discharge tube bulbs are very commonly used with auxiliary work light lamps made by hella, narva, ge and other brands, as well as boats, ships, tractors, loaders, trucks, lorries, excavators and many other construction equipment.

Hella part numbers:

  • 8GS 007 949-261
  • 8GS007949-261

Work light lamps with Hella D2S 85V 35W bulb:

  • Hella 1GA996142-131
  • Hella 1GA996142-001 AS200
  • Hella 8GS007949-261
  • Hella 996242541 AS300 Series Long Range
  • Hella 1GA996142-141
  • Hella 1GA996361-581 Oval 100 Oval100

The most common applications:

  • Front lighting
  • Low beam headlights and spotlights
  • Bi-xenon headlight, 12 V
  • Low beam and high beam from one headlight
  • Low beam headlight, 12 V
  • Spotlight, 12 V
  • 50 mm Premium headlight modules

Specifications & Features

  • Socket: P32d-2 D2S
  • Wattage: 35W
  • Direct Replacement, Plug and Play
  • E-Marked, 100% Road Legal
  • Average liftetime: 2500 hours
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