Koito 10056-17078 LEAR 535037803 8R0907472B 8R0907472 LED Module

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  • What's Included: 1 LED Module
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Manufacturer: Koito
  • Audi part number: 8R0907472B
  • LEAR part number: 535037820
  • Koito part number: 10045-17078
  • Placements: Front Headlights Left or Right side

Koito 10045-17078 LEAR 535037820 Audi Q5 8R0907472B 8R0907472 LED Control Unit.

8R0 907 472B for LED lamp on Audi Q5 8R Pre-Facelift cars to fix not working Daytime Running Lights DRL problem.

Identifying issues with your Audi Q5 headlights may not be the simplest of tasks, but if you’ve noticed intermittent cutting out, or have completely stopped working altogether, it may well be time to upgrade key headlight components.

Koito LED DRL Ballast Control unit has been designed to replace factory fitted ballasts for Audi Q5 8R Pre-Facelift models featuring Xenon HID headlights with Daytime Running Lights also known as DRL. The best of all, changing the power unit only is a cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire headlamp lighting solution. Instead of investing in the services of a mechanic, simply purchasing the latest ballasts will enable you to enjoy the level of performance your Audi Q5 deserves at the fraction of the cost.

Available as a direct replacement for your current control unit, each Koito Car LED DRL offers plug and play simplicity, has an average lifespan of 4500 hours, and comes with a one-year warranty, so you can rest assured you’re buying a the very best product.

The most common malfunctions and problems with LEAR 535037803 535037820 control unit on Audi Q5 are when led daytime running lights now working are on-board computer OBC warning error message or DRL blinking.

Koito 10056-17078 and 10045-17078 are direct replacement, which means no coding will be required after replacing module for LED lamp.

Koito 8R0907472 and 8R0907472B are compatible with each other, 8R0907472B supersedes 8R0907472.

The most common Audi warning messages

  • Left Side light / daytime running light
  • Right Side light / daytime running light
  • Luz de posicion / de marcha diurna izquierda
  • Luz de posicion / de marcha diurna derecho
  • Stand-/Tagfahrlicht links
  • Stand-/Tagfahrlicht rechts
  • Standlicht Tagfahrlicht links
  • Standlicht Tagfahrlicht rechts

Diagnostic trouble codes DTC for faulty Koito module:

  • 02895 - Supply Voltage for LED Module for DRL and Parking Light; Left
  • 012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit
  • 02897 - Supply Voltage for LED Module for DRL and Parking Light; Right
  • 012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit
  • Supply Voltage for LED module for DRL and Parking light Left Right Electrical problem in Circuit

8R0907472 part numbers:

  • LEAR: 535037803
  • Koito: 10056-17078, 1005617078
  • Audi: 8R0907472, 8R0 907 472

8R0907472B part numbers:

  • LEAR: 535037820
  • Koito: 10045-17078, 1004517078
  • Audi: 8R0 907 472 B, 8R0907472B, 8R0 907 472B

Compatibility list:

  • Audi Q5 8R Pre-Facelift SUV 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
  • 2.0 TFSI, 3.2 FSI, 2.0 TDI, 3.0 TDI Quattro
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