Mercedes Benz A0075426418 0258030009 Lambda Oxygen Sensor Probe

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  • What's Included: 1 Oxygen sensor
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Genuine Mercedes Benz part
  • Bosch part number: 0258030009/010
  • Mercedes-Benz part number: A0075426418

Mercedes Benz A0075426418 Bosch 0258030009/010 Lambda Oxygen Sensor Probe.

If you have did on-board computer scan and your car is showing error code about oxygen sensor probe, it means that sensor has failed and needs to be replaced as soon as possible

A007 542 64 18 Sensor is called few names such as lambda or oxygen sensor.

Oxygen sensor is used to control soot particulate filter.

Bosch 0258030009/010 Lambda sensor is factory fitted to many different mercedes benz cars.

The most common sensor's failure symptoms are higher fuel consumption, bad accelaration.

Replacement sensor will save you a fortune and fix your car.

Mercedes-Benz part numbers:

  • A0075426418
  • A007 542 64 18

Bosch part numbers:

  • 0258030009/010
  • 0258030009 010

Mercedes-Benz compatibility list:

  • C class W204 S204
  • C class W205 S205
  • E class W212 W213
  • GLC W253 C253 X253
  • GLK X204

Please note: This list is not full, lambda sensor may fit other car models as well, please check provided part numbers, pictures and compare to your old parts.

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