Osram D1S Cool Blue Intense Xenarc Xenon HID Bulb

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Whether you’re a car fanatic looking for a standout lighting solution for your vehicle, or are in simple need of bright, durable headlamps that won’t let you down, look no further than Osram D1S Cool Blue bulbs. Not only are these editions incredibly distinctive and stylish, with up to a 5500K colour temperature delivering a crisp, clear blue light, their flawless technology ensures they work like a charm.

Osram D1S Blue Intense headlamps are the perfect way to add a sense of individuality and style to your ride while simultaneously ensuring you get from A to B safely with optimum vision – both day and night. The perfect cool blue light is achieved through innovative design and a unique charge system which provides impeccable illumination without the need for a blue coating on the bulb. The clearer outer casing in turn improves visibility and ensures the road is wonderfully lit up for your journey.

With many replicas and fakes circulating the market, it’s also worth bearing in mind that all our Osram Cool Blue Intense products come with authenticity sticker. This allows you to double check that the Osram D1S items you receive are the real deal, and will offer the utmost performance at all times.

Specifications & Features

Condition: New

Listing Contains: One bulb

Genuine Osram bulb

Blue Effect without coating

Lumen: 3200 Lumens +/- 10%

Offers high contract and cool blue colour compared to standard bulbs

Up to 20% more light compared to conventional coated gas discharge bulbs

Colour temperature: Up to 5500K

Socket: PK32d-2, D1S

Wattage: 35 W

Voltage: 85 V

Direct Replacement, Plug and Play

E-Marked, Road Legal

Average liftetime: 2500 hours

Warranty: One year

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