Osram D1S Night Breaker Unlimited Xenarc Xenon HID Bulb

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Why settle for an average, run-of-the-mill automotive lighting solution, when you could get your hands on Osram D1S Night Breaker Unlimited Xenarc bulbs? The brightest lamp yet from Osram, this exceptional lighting solution offers 70% per cent more light than standard Xenon bulbs, thereby delivering ultimate visibility out on the road.

D1S Osram bulbs are even more powerful than the XENARC SILVERSTAR predecessor, featuring the most efficient, long-lasting, and reliable technology on the market. With a light cone twenty metres longer than standard Xenon lamps, not only is visibility greatly improved, but safety is significantly enhanced. Such improvements ensure that all drivers can take advantage of more time to respond to hazards upfront.

The light produced from each Night Breaker Unlimited model is also five per cent whiter than standard lamps, allowing for more comfortable drives. Plus, as Osram products are compatible with any Xenon headlight system, you can enjoy hassle-free plug and play efficiency.

Osram Unlimited lamps are fully road legally, thoroughly tested, and suitable for use straight away. They also come with an authenticity sticker to prove they are genuine bulbs and not replicas, so you can rest assured you’re receiving the very best in quality.

Specifications & Features

Condition: New

Listing Contains: One bulb

Genuine Osram bulb

Lumen: 3200 Lumens +/- 10%

Up to 70% more light compared to standard xenon bulbs

Up to 20 meters longer beam compared to standard hid bulbs

Colour temperature: 4350K

Socket: PK32d-2, D1S

Wattage: 35 W

Voltage: 85 V

Direct Replacement, Plug and Play

E-Marked, Road Legal

Average liftetime: 2500 hours

Warranty: One year


What will I get ?

1 x Genuine Osram D1S Night Breaker Unlimited Xenon HID Bulb

1 Year Warranty

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