T10 W5W 501 LED High Power SMD Bulbs

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Ultra white T10 W5W 501 LED High Power SMD Bulbs from Xenons4U. It’s direct replacement for the 501 glass bulbs.

These bulbs use newest system SMD, each bulb have 1 SMD chip, it’s brighter than standard 501 LED bulbs. Thanks to this system the bulb have low power consumption, than standard. Your car looks great where you install these bulbs, and it’s long lasting.


Bulb life is up to 50,000 hours.


T10 W5W 501 LED Bulbs have + / - contacts so please test the bulbs before reassembling any modified area, if any bulbs fail to work then try turning them through 180 degrees, that should fix the problem.


Priced per pair


T10 W5W 501 LED High Power SMD Bulbs usually are used in these places:


  • Dashboards
    • Interior lights
    • Foot wells
    • Boots
    • Number plate lights 
    • Sidelights
    • Parking lights
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