B008066-B 8R0941475B 8R0941475A LED Module

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  • What's Included: 1 LED Module
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Manufacturer: Xenons4U
  • Audi part numbers: 8R0941475B 8R0941475A
  • Valeo part number B008066-B
  • Placements: Left side

Valeo part is sold out, only replacement available!

Genuine Valeo B008066-B 8R0941475B DRL LED module with heat sink.

Audi 8R0941475B LED diode module fixes not working Daytime Running Lights.

Audi Q5 8R Facelift uses two parts, which are responsible for DRL, LED lamps also known module and Delphi power control unit.

Firstly check if all fuses are in working order, next step is to change Delphi power unit to other side and check if LED lights are working, it is very common that Delphi unit fails as well.

Direct replacement to an old valeo B008066-B part, just unscrew, unplug and put new unit back.

No need to buy whole headlight unit as Audi dealer suggests to fix not working DRL.

8R0941475B is suitable only for the left side headlamp.

Information from original sticker: DRL: 9,5W/PL:2,7W VF2 made in spain.

We have other side module in stock, as well.

All the following three part numbers are compatible with each other 8R0941475B 8R0941475 8R0941475A.

The most common diagnostic trouble codes

  • 02895 - Supply Voltage for LED Module for DRL and Parking Light; Left
  • 012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit

The most common Audi Q5 SQ5 warning messages

  • Left Side light / Daytime Running Light
  • Left Sidelight / Daytime Running Light
  • Front left side light

Valeo part number:

  • TOP B008066-B
  • B008066B

Audi oem part numbers:

  • 8R0941475B, 8R0 941 475 B
  • 8R0941475, 8R0 941 475
  • 8R0941475A, 8R0 941 475A

Compatibility list:

  • Audi Q5 SQ5 8R SUV Facelift 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
  • 2.0 3.0 TFSI Hybrid Quattro TDI Diesel Quattro
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