With increased consumer demands for more advanced functions and features in their vehicles, car manufacturers are continuously trying to incorporate high-end tech features in their models not just to satisfy consumer market needs but also to gain competitive advantage over competitors. Unfortunately, when we employ more advanced technology, we are more prone to advanced problems as well. Since it is all about machinery and everything has a life, all vehicles including Audi can experience any such potential problems that might be easy to fix but unknown to the user.

Audi Q5 SQ5 8R Facelift left right Side light Daytime Running Light

One of many upgraded features available today since 2013 is the introduction of Daytime running lights or DRLs as a safety enhanced feature. Audi headlamps kept getting better and improved versions far away from HID gas discharge bulbs are introduced each year such as Daytime running lights which is a more powerful yet power saving equipment for your car. Valeo has been a leading manufacturer of LED diode with heat sink. Initially this feature was available on only high-end vehicle models such as Audi Q5 range but now this feature comes as a standard from all budgetary to luxury models.

What is Daytime Running Light in Audi Q5?

DRLs is basically an added safety feature and a part of existing headlight cluster of vehicle as low beam bulbs which constantly illuminates as long as the car is ignited during the day even with the light switch off. Purpose of this feature is to make your vehicle visible for other drivers on the road during day time and preventing any potential accidents. In some vehicle like Audi Q5, these DRLs also work with indicators and start blinking with a turn signal when you activate indicators to inform other drivers.

How Do DRLs Fail?

DRLs function is controlled by headlight control module which means any defect in your LED Diode module will cause DRLs to flicker or even not functioning at all.  However there could be many unknown reasons for this fault such as blown fuse, relay or simply a bulb, but there is a known fault with Q5’s DRLs and that is the failure of LED Diode module.

Warning Messages

You receive following variations of warning messages on your dashboard for Audi Q5 SQ5 8R Facelift 2013 - 2017 model, when the performance of DRLs is affected by this module.

  • Left right Side light / Daytime Running Light
  • Left right Sidelight / Daytime Running Light

How to Identify the Real Fault Component?

Audi Q5 8R Facelift uses two parts, which are responsible for DRL LED lamps also known as module and Delphi power control unit.

If DRLs has stopped working then it is quite tricky to identify in this model as to what component between Delphi LED Module and LED Module with heatsink has gone faulty to cause DRLs failure. However, the easiest way calls for the change of sides to identify the exact problem component, but before doing that, check fuses, if they all are in working order. LED DRL light source module fits only to the right side of vehicle which is driver’s side in UK and passenger’s side in left hand driven cars.

Next, you can remove Delphi LED Module from non-working side and try on the working side, if it works it means LED Diode has failed but if no change happens then rest assured that Delphi LED ballast has completed its life and gone for good since it is very common that Delphi unit fails as well. You will have to replace non-working part whichever it is because having working headlamps on roads is mandatory by law. If you’re driving a car on public roads with non-working headlamps it means you are bypassing the law and your vehicle is no more law compliant when on road.

How to Replace?

If you own new shape Audi Q5 SQ5 8R Facelift model made after 2013 till 2017, your car model has Valeo 8R0941475B 8R0941475 8R0941475A for left side and Valeo 8R0941476B 8R0941476 8R0941476A for right side, additionally to power up and control these LED modules with heatsink each side has Delphi LTM-LL-TFL 4G0907697D 401140244 28357987 ballast.

You will have to buy new part whichever is failed. For a direct replacement, just unscrew, unplug and remove the old part and install the new part and your car is back in its proper functioning and legal compliant features. Audi 8R0941475 and Audi 8R0941476 LED diode modules successfully fix not working Daytime Running Lights error.