The Differences between MTEC 582 W21W And W21/5W 580 Super White Bulbs

Looking to replace the super white MTEC bulbs in your car? Read on to discover the similarities and differences between the MTEC W21/5W (580) and the MTEC 582 (W21W).

MTEC W21/5W (580) Super White Xenon Effect Bulb

With a colour temperature of 7000k, the MTEC W21/5W (580) Super White Xenon Effect Bulb is made from natural glass. Filled with inert gases, it emits a super bright white-bluish light. Suitable for replacing W21/5W (580) 7443 Bulb, installation is easy as there's no need for modification or rewiring. Extremely efficient, its unit of power is 12 volts and 21/5 watts. Like all MTEC bulbs, the w21 5w bulb is made in Japan and comes with a 1-year warranty. Finally, this bulb does not cause OBC or bulb error failures and is UK road legal.

MTEC 582 (W21W) Xenon Effect Super White Natural Glass Bulb

Very similar to the MTEC W21/5W (580), the MTEC 582 (W21W) Xenon Effect Super White Natural Glass Bulb also has a colour temperature of 7000K, which means it emits a white-bluish light that is not too dissimilar to natural daylight. Also made in Japan and coming with a 1-year warranty, the MTEC 583 W21W replaces 582 Capless Wedge Bulbs. This bulb is also very efficient, and like the W21/5W (580) it results in no OBC or dashboard errors and can be installed without modification or rewiring. Its unit of power is 12 volts and 21 watts.

Are there any differences between these bulbs?

Yes! The main difference is their unit of power. The MTEC 582 (W21W) has 21 watts, whereas the MTEC W21/5W (580) has 21/5 watts. Put simply, this means the MTEC W21/5W (580) is a dual filament bulb, so it has both parking light and signal light capabilities.

The '21' represents the major filament (turn or brake application) and the '5' represents the minor filament (the parking lamp). Therefore, the MTEC 582 (W21W) only has the major filament.

w21 5w bulb

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