U029D and U029E NOx sensor codes: What ‘lost communication’ means

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What NOx sensors do

But before we get started on the solutions available to you, let's take a look at what the NOx sensor does. The diesel NOX sensor has a duel-purpose: it is designed to measure both the nitrogen oxide content (chemical name is NO or NO2), and the oxygen content (chemical name O2) in the exhaust. The NOx sensor is therefore vital in a good, working engine. It is possible to drive for short distances with a faulty NOx sensor, but it will quickly impact the acceleration, and cause lost mileage.

As you did understand this part performs Oxygen (lambda probe's) work and it does measure NOx content, to make sure engine is running smoothly, fuel efficiency is good and environmental isn't being affected by nitrogen oxides coming out of the exhaust system.

Nox Sensor

Where are NOx sensors fitted?

So where is the NOx sensor? We find it located a little up from the SCR catalyst, in a position prime for directly measuring the level of NOx gas sent out by the engine. This is partnered by a NOx sensor located just a little down from the SCR catalyst, in the perfect place to measure the performance of the catalyst itself. The NOx sensor A is generally screwed into the exhaust pipe, just behind the catalytic converter.

Nitrogen Oxide sensors are fitted to all EURO 4, EURO 5, EURO 6 standard cars, buses, trucks, vans, tractors, heavy duty equipment or any other 12V or 24V motor vehicle with petrol or diesel combustion engine.

These sensors are used by all car manufacturer such Audi, VW Caddy Golf Passat Touran Sharan, Skoda, Seat Alhambra MPV, BMW, Ford, Land Rover, GMC, Volvo, Opel, Renault, Citroen, Peugeot 3008, Alfa-Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, GM, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Opel Vauxhall Insignia Astra MK6 J MK7 K Zafira C MK3, Mini, Dodge Ram truck, Cummins,  Duramax, Mazda, Nissan, Lexus, Toyota, Fiat, Isuzu and many other.

Symptoms of the faulty NOx sensor

This is a pretty severe problem, so it is advisable to deal with it quickly. But what are the symptoms of U029D and U029E error codes? They include the engine warning light  (also known CEL check engine light) coming on (check your user manual to identify this), ask your local mechanic to check this for you if no voltage being produced by the sensor module, if you are DIY person you can use OBD-II OBD 2 port and scanner to check for error codes.

Additionally when sensor has malfunction car's engine won't work as good as before and fuel consumption will increase as well.

Explanation of faulty NOX sensor:

  • U029E00 - Lost communication with NOX sensor B
  • U029E Lost Communication with NOx sensor B
  • U029E-00
  • U029D00 - Lost communication with NOX sensor A
  • U029D
  • U029D00 - Communication with nox sensor has a malfunction
  • U029D - Fault in Communication with the DeNOX system
  • U029D-00
  • U100600 - NOx sensor 1 Bank 1 - No Communication
  • 28992 U029E00 Communication missing incorrect
  • 053302 - NOx Sensor 1 Bank 2
  • U1036-000 U1036000 No Communication

So what’s the solution?

The first things to check are the fuses and wiring. Take a look for any obvious loose wires or blown fuses for an easy fix. If everything seems fully functioning, but the NOx sensor error code remains lit up, then replace the NOx control unit sensor, before replacing inspect connectors and plugs as it is very common that these places were affected by water or moisture so before replacing sensor dry them properly. This will help you to determine whether it is a problem with the sensor itself, or the system which feeds the sensor. If, once you have replaced the sensor, the new NOx sensor does not light up an error code, then you know that the issue was with the NOx sensor itself, and has been fixed. On the other hand, if the new NOx sensor still results in an error code, then it is more likely that the issue is with the system itself. but in mostly of the cases it is related to faulty nitrogen oxide sensor.

Compared to fault codes starting with letter P, for example P2200 P2201 P2202 P229F62 P229E P11CC P11DC P11DB and P20EE there is no cheap fix solution or repair kit, the only way to replace buy whole brand new NOx sensor as the main part which is not repairable was damaged or has failed completely and couldn't be repaired to ensure safety of your car.

Where to get new sensor and which one is required for my car?

If it's first time you are dealing with NOXC2, NOXC3, NOXC4 or standard NOx sensor, you must to know that these sensors aren't universal fitment even they look very similar probe and control unit.

There are thousands of different NOx sensors on the market with different length of probe, different software and hardware inside the ballast (emission control unit) for each manufacturer, for example Mercedes-Benz A0009053403, A0009053503, A0009053603, A0009053603, VW 03L907807AB, 03L907807AF, 03L907807AD and so on, below we did provide a short list of available sensors at our online shop.

To find out which part number and sensor is required for you car there are two ways first one lift up or get under the car, locate sensor which is faulty bank 1 or bank 2 etc remove protection covers if necessary and take a picture of label or any writings located on the control unit.

Another way is to hook up your car with dealer software and ask to check what is original part entered in the system, this way is more expensive as it does require dealer software and to check part number phisically is much more easier and cheaper way to do it.

When you have the crucial information you can search for needed part number online, at local store, dealer or any other channels you want or you can email xenons4u with picture or old part number and we will be more than happy to locate this part used, new, refurbished or aftermarket depending on the budget and availability.

A nice, easy fix, but absolutely integral to the smooth running of your vehicle!

An example list of OEM part numbers, which we can supply:

·         9678570780 5WK96746A SNS146A ·         89463-E0480 5WK96786
·         9675358480 5WK96745A SNS145A ·         68085740AA 5WK96730 SNS12V
·         227905444R 5WK96748 SNS148 ·         A0009056304 5WK97250
·         227908539R 5WK96747 SNS147 ·         A0009053403 5WK96681D
·         03L907807R 5WK96737 ·         A0009059603 A2C12547900-081G
·         4M0907807G 5WK97309 A2C92707800-02 ·         A0009059603 5WK96681E
·         04L907805AR - 04L907805AS - 059907807P ·         A0009053503 5WK96682D
·         4H0907807J - 4G0907807T - 4G0907807E ·         A0009052909 A2C16442800-292
·         8R0907807R - 4M0907807F - 059907807Q ·         A0009053000 5WK96682
·         059907807R - 04L907807S - 8R0907807R ·         A0009052900 5WK96683
·         4M0907807- 4M0907807R - 4M0907807G ·         A0009057000 5WK96682A
·         4N0907807 - 4N0907807B - 8K0907807H ·         A0009057100 5WK96683A
·         03L907807AC A2C10327400-086C ·         A0009053503 5WK96682C
·         04L907805L 5WK97233 ·         A0009053603 5WK96683C
·         03L907807AF A2C10327600-088B SME ·         A0009055100 5WK96681
·         03L907807AD - 03L907807 AD - 5WK96688A ·         A0009056900 5WK96681A
·         03L907807AE ·         A0009053403 5WK96681C
·         8K0907807E - 5WK96688 ·         A0009059803 5WK96683E
·         8K0907807C - 5WK96638B ·         A0101539528 5WK96653C
·         8K0907807D - 5WK96641B ·         A0009050008 A2C12610200-284
·         8K0907807K - 5WK96689A ·         A0009052709 A2C16442400-290
·         8K0907807F - 5WK96689 ·         A0009053109 A2C15463300-02
·         8R0907807G - 5WK96728B ·         A0009053009 A2C15462900-02
·         8R0 907 807 - 8R0907807 - 5WK96712 ·         A0009053606 5WK96682F
·         8R0 907 807 Q - 8R0907807Q ·         A0009059703 5WK96682E
·         8R0 907 807 P - 8R0907807P ·         A0009050108 A2C13684300-286
·         8R0 907 807 A - 8R0907807A - 5WK96728 ·         A0065427218 5WK96677
·         8R0907807L - 5WK97255 ·         A0035428818 5WK96606
·         8R0907807E - 5WK96796 ·         A0009053706 5WK96683F
·         8R0907807F - 5WK96739A ·         A0009050208 A2C13684500-287
·         03L907807 T - 03L907807T - 5WK96798 - A2C10328500-198A ·         A0009053603 5WK96683D
·         076907807 5WK96648A ·         A0009052809 A2C16442600-291
·         03L907807E - 5WK96638C ·         759040204 5WK96650B - 5WK96650C
·         4G0907807AA A2C39767700-01 ·         759040202 5WK96650
·         04L907805CE A2C14860700-01 ·         758712905 5WK96610K
·         04L 907 805 BH - 04L907805BH ·         758712903 5WK96610L
·         04L 907 805 DH - 04L907805DH ·         758712901 5WK96610G
·         04L 907 805 AD - 04L907805AD ·         758051801 5WK96610D
·         04L 907 805 DC - 04L907805DC ·         758712902 5WK96610H
·         04L907805CJ - 04L907805CJ ·         758712905 5WK96610L
·         04L907805AE - 04L907805AE ·         758713001 5WK96621F
·         04L907805BP - 04L907805BP ·         758713005 5WK96621J
·         04L907805AA - 04L907805AA ·         758713003 5WK96621H
·         04L907805F ·         758713002 5WK96621G
·         04L907807AA - 04L907807AA ·         758713005 5WK96621K
·         04L907807AD - 04L907807AD ·         758051701 5WK96621C
·         04L907807F ·         758232601 5WK96621D
·         04L907805E - 04L907805 E - 04L 907 805 E ·         758712701 5WK96621E
·         04L907805C - 04L907805 C - 04L 907 805 C ·         857647101 5WK96699B
·         04L907805G - 04L907805 G - 04L 907 805 G ·         8580410-03 0281007018/19
·         04L907807G - 04L907807 G - 04L 907 807 G ·         8580410-01 0281006556
·         04L907807AT ·         851879101 5WK96699A
·         04L907807BF ·         858984401 5WK96697C 13628589844
·         04L907805AL ·         857646901 5WK96697B
·         04L907807AL ·         858984601 5WK96699C
·         4H0907807L ·         851878901 5WK96697A
·         04L907807A ·         851166601 5WK96699
·         04L907807B ·         851166401 5WK96697
·         8W0907807C - 5WK97258 ·         A0101539528 5WK96653C
·         4M0907807B - 5WK97223 ·         A0101539328 A2C39120900-042C
·         5WK9 7226 - 5WK97226 ·         A0091533628 5WK96616F
·         A2C11875900-254A ·         2011649 5WK96628C
·         03N907807A - 5WK97251 ·         2011650 5WK96626C
·         80A907807B - 5WK97415 - A2C98278900-02 ·         LW8161S 55598161 5WK97227
·         076907807A 5WK96690 ·         LW0097S 55570097 5WK96709A
·         03L907807AB - 5WK96690B - A2C10327800-090C ·         4326873 A045S170 NB1500
·         04L907805AR - A2C39831400-02 ·         SNS142B 5WK96742B A2C95991800-01
·         059907807G - 5WK96685A ·         2872948 A034M378
·         04L907805DG 0281007335/336 ·         5WK96742 SNS142 A2C34947100-01
·         8K0907807F - 5WK96689 ·         12642311 5WK96645C
·         8K0907807J - 5WK97205 ·         05149216AB 5WK96651A
·         4M0907807E - 5WK97261 ·         68197109AA 5WK96799
·         4G0907807S - SNS451_ ·         68227486AA 5WK97360
·         4M0907807G - SNS309 - 5WK97309 ·         SNS360 A2C92496200-01
·         8W0907807B - 5WK97257 ·         68085740AA 5WK96730
·         8R0907807S - SNS456_ ·         68210084AA - 904-6030
·         4M0907807D - 5WK97260 ·         06F907807D - 5WK96603B
·         04L907807G - 5WK97217 ·         06F907807F - 5WK96603B
·         059907807J 5WK97229 ·         06F907807A - 5WK96603
·         8K0907807K 5WK96689A ·         06F907807E - 5WK96603A
·         4G0907807L 5WK97266